Once we complete the pre-workshop surveys, we will recommend a variety of training options that can vary in length and breadth, based on your needs. One day sessions are often the best and most effective, and can be followed by half-day options. All media training sessions are videotaped by our professional videographer. For one-on-one executive coaching, we are flexible in scheduling several shorter sessions.  Programs are accompanied by handouts and workbooks. 

Types of coaching programs available

  • Executive one-on-one coaching (also with TV cameras and/or in studio)
  • Media Training 101
  • Advanced media coaching-- for mid-career and veteran public affairs professionals
  • Crisis management and the media 
  • Media coaching for television, news and talk show format
  • Public speaking/presentation coaching
  • Seminars for groups

A sample of some of the topics covered in our coaching programs. These are often combined for the best results and topics can also be expanded upon based on the client's needs.

Media Management

· Understanding how to speak through the media to key audiences

· Story development to pitch to editors and journalists

· The mindset of a journalist

· Reviewing the major differences between print and electronic media

· Knowing where social media fits in - do’s and don’t's as well as how best to respond 

Media Training

· Message Development -- Creating memorable and understandable key message points 

· Time-tested techniques for answering reporters' questions 

· Taped interviews, role-playing, critique

Crisis Communications Training

· Information Management, Image Management -- Different approaches for different situations and how to respond to each (including social media)

· Nightmares and Dream Sequences--Facing the worst and best situations

· Making sure you do not escalate the situation 

· Reputation Management

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